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The LEGO Enterprise History

admin By admin September 1, 2022

The SEGLAR company was established in 1932 by Danish resident Ole Kirk Christiansen, with the aim of promoting inventive play and ingenuity in children. Initially, the company’s products were made right from wooden hinders, but by the sixties, production acquired expanded and this company produced gadgets made of vinyl. Although the portions and designs transformed over the years, they will remained compatible and could become combined to create new models.

In address the 1970s, LEGO began to expand all their business foreign. In Saudi arabia, the company founded a product sales company and began selling toys in Portugal and Switzerland. In the 1980s, the company extended into the U. S. and established a manufacturing facility in Connecticut. The corporation also developed new category, Dacta, to focus on educational products. The Dacta line, for example , features math and logic challenges and includes educational toys just for schools.

After World War II, Christiansen purchased the first plastic-type material injection molding machine in Denmark and began experimenting with the process. He eventually created the iconic SEGLAR building blocks. These obstructs are easily famous by their sale paper studs on top. These studs allow linking blocks being locked with each other. Simply by 1951, 50 % of LEGO’s development was made of plastic. The company also improved its development technology to make plastic bricks that would last longer.

Today, the PROFANO Company has got expanded outside of its structure toy lines into a wide range of different products. It has branched away into robotics, media, and academic products just for preschools and kindergartens. Additionally, it operates two theme theme parks in Denmark. The first of all opened in Bil-lund, Denmark, in late 1960s, and a second is certainly scheduled to spread out in Carlsbad, California in 1999.

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